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InsuranceHub – the portal for insurance topics

InsuranceHub is the portal for experts and interested persons wishing to keep posted about current insurance topics. Starting 2018, we will continuously offer in-depth insights into the sector and provide sound information—a key task in light of the major challenges the insurance industry is facing. To keep you up to date, we will highlight key issues and integrate different perspectives.

InsuranceHub provides our readers with

  • insights into specific insurance markets, including strategy and management topics,

  • publications about regulatory requirements and changes as well as

  • specialist articles on digital transformation and innovations in insurance

Information and exchange

InsuranceHub is a project run by the management consultancy zeb. We put high quality demands on our own work and the validity of all facts—after all, we are known for our expertise and in-depth technical knowledge in the sector.

InsuranceHub and you—a future team?

Do you have any suggestions for publications about specific topics? Or would you like to become an author for InsuranceHub and publish specialist articles yourself?

Then get in touch with us and send an e-mail to InsuranceHub@zeb.co.uk.

We look forward to your input!